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Uniform Overview

Altura Preparatory School students come to school in uniforms. We believe this helps with community, minimizes distraction, and makes it easier for everyone to get ready in the morning!
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A partnership with Lands' End for school uniform options. 


Navy Blue, Light Blue or Gray (with or without the Altura Prep logo)


Khaki (tan) pants, shorts, skirts, or jumpers, 
Polo-style dresses in the same colors as uniform polos (navy blue, light blue, or gray)
navy blue polo dress          light blue polo dress       gray polo dress


Closed-toed shoes that Prepsters can run, jump, and play in only, please!


Navy Blue, Light Blue, Gray, White, or Black long-sleeved shirts under uniform polos. Tights are also acceptable under khaki bottoms or a polo dress.
Navy Blue, Light Blue, or gray crew-neck sweaters or sweatshirts (with polo underneath) or Altura Prep sweatshirts (with polo underneath) are fine in the colder months. 
navy blue crewneck sweatshirt         gray crewneck sweatshirt    navy sweater    gray sweater
Please note that students must remove hooded sweaters/sweatshirts in the building. Students may wear other jackets or hoodies outside during recess and/or lunch only.


Click below to download your copy of the uniform guide today!