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A Day in the Life

Students work on journals during math class.
A day at Altura Prep is filled with exciting lessons, projects, small group activities, and opportunities to set and achieve goals.


Altura Prep’s school day begins at 7:30am every day, and ends at 3:00pm on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Dismissal is at 12:00pm on Fridays for teacher development time. We also offer after-school programming beginning ending at 6:00pm each day.



Students are in a class of 22 students, named after a college or university. Each student has 3 different teachers that specialize in reading, math, and STEAM.


Read on to learn about a day in the life of an Altura Prep scholar.


Morning Drop-Off begins at 7:00am. Breakfast is offered in the cafeteria, and students may go to their classes for Morning Work. Every student is greeted as they enter the building, and every one practices greetings, eye contact, and hand shakes each day.



Students begin their day in their homeroom class. As a school, we practice mindfulness to prepare ourselves for the day.
Students sit and practice mindfulness to start their day.



In English Language Arts (ELA), students practice reading and writing in whole group and small groups. Students read “good fit books” with partners and individually, and work with their teacher to improve their understanding of interesting, relevant, and challenging texts. Students write each day about what they read, and will learn narrative, opinion, and informational writing over the course of each year. Students will also use a combination of online tools and in person activities to practice and improve their reading.


Students read in a small group.


Altura Prep students have either STEAM or Social Studies every day of the week. Their teacher prepares units that help students apply what they learn in both ELA and Math, and connects learning across all subjects. Students may build a solution to a problem they see in their community in STEAM, and then learn about what other historical figures have done in similar situations in Social Studies.



Lunch at Altura Prep is filling and fun. Students eat with their classmates, and sometimes, their teachers. We partner with a local organization to provide healthy and delicious meals. All students have recess each day, and students are able to play and move to energize their bodies and minds.



All students have PE, Chess, Mechanical Engineering, or Art every day. We encourage our Enrichment teachers to channel their passions and to help our students learn to find and channel theirs. Enrichment is not an after-thought, it is an important part of a well-rounded school day.

       Student artwork



All students practice seeing, demonstrating, and celebrating  the Altura Prep REACH core values: Responsibility, Empathy, Agency, Curiosity, and Humor/Hard Work. Students see these values as they walk the halls of the building, and learn what it means to grow each of these important non-academic skills, habits, and mindsets.



We believe that it is not only important for students to learn how to do math, but also to think mathematically. In math class, students to learn how to do math, and more importantly, they learn what they are doing and why. Students participate in “problem based instruction” as a group, and then work independently or in small groups to practice skills they most need to develop. The teacher coaches and supports students to understand what they are doing, so that students can then apply it in other fields and in the future.


A student teaches the class.


At the end of a full day, students return to their homeroom with their homeroom
teacher. Just as they began the day talking about goals, students reflect on the goals they have set for themselves and brainstorm opportunities for new goals for the next day. Students and teachers give “shout outs” to celebrate great things that happened during the day, and celebrate one another for another great day at Altura Prep.


We believe all students deserve a personalized learning environment. At Altura Prep, we develop individual student’s passions by giving everyone an opportunity to work on something that they are passionate about every Friday. Students learn how to plan, execute, and present their project on their own. As a school, we keep this time separate because we know how important it is that each child find their passion and grow it.



Every Monday morning, we take time as a school to celebrate our start to the week together. We sing songs, do cheers, and have opportunities for scholars to “Show What You Know” in front of the school. We celebrate ours students who have grown academically and personally and cheer on our Scholars of the Week. We invite you to come celebrate with us each Monday at 8:00am!
Students create a circle for Monday morning circle.