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Lottery and Registration FAQ

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Who can enroll at Altura Prep?

Children who are eligible to be in grades Kindergarten – 4th grade for the 2020-21 school year are eligible to enroll. (Kindergarteners must be age 5 by 12:00am on September 1, 2020, per state statute.


What is the cost to attend?

Altura Prep is a free public charter school, so there is no cost to attend.





How many seats do you have available?

We have 44 seats per grade level for 2020-21 in Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grades. We have 15 seats in 3rd and 4th grades. Students currently enrolled at Altura Prep will have the first priority to re-enroll for the next year. The number of available seats in 1st – 4th grades will depend on the number of returning students. There will always be 44 new Kindergarten seats each year.


How do I enroll a child for ___ grade?

To enroll a new Altura Prep student for any grade level, visit our Enroll page and click on the Enroll Now button. Create your parent account on SchoolMint (our secure, online enrollment system) and follow the prompts to create an application for your student.



When does registration open for the 2020-21 school year?

Enrollment begins on November 1, 2019! Our enrollment period is open between November 1 and the 2nd Friday in April. On the 2nd Friday in April – April 10, 2020, we notify all families of their status for the 2020-21 school year.


What is a school lottery, and how does it work?

A school lottery is a randomized drawing of student names to fill available seats when there are more enrollment applications than available seats. At Altura Prep, interested families may submit enrollment applications between November 30 and April 9. On April 10, school officials review the number of applications per grade level, and if there are more applications than available seats, the school will hold a lottery to randomly admit students to fill that grade level.

The school software randomly assigns students numbers in the lottery, and will notify families of students who have been given a seat. Students not given a seat will be given a number on the waitlist.



When are families notified about their child’s spot?

Families will be notified by 12:00pm on the 2nd Friday in April (April 10, 2020) about acceptance or wait list placement.


When is the deadline to accept my child’s spot?

Families must accept or decline by April 30th so that we can offer seats to students on the wait list.


My child was accepted! How do I accept his/her seat and register?

Families will receive an email or text message from us via SchoolMint. Log in to SchoolMint using the username and password you created during enrollment, and click “Accept” to accept your child’s seat. You will automatically be routed to the registration page to complete your child’s registration paperwork online.


When is registration paperwork due?

All registration paperwork is due by June 15th. Families have until July 15 to submit updated immunization records.


What registration paperwork must be completed?

  • Student and Family Information Form
  • Health Record Form
  • Media Release Form
  • Student Records Request Form
  • General Field Trip Permission Form
  • Emergency Medical Authorization Form
  • Emergency Contact/Authorized Sign Out Person Card


Please also bring/include PDF:

  • Student Birth Certificate/Verification of Birthdate (school will verify)
  • Immunization Records (or Department of Health Waiver)


What is a wait list?

The wait list is the list of students who were not initially granted a seat through the lottery. As seats in the grade level become available, the school will contact families in the order of the wait list to offer an available seat. Families will have 24 hours to accept the seat, or to pass.

Just because your child is on the wait list does not mean that s/he won’t be able to attend Altura Prep! Seats will continue to be offered as they become available.  


I am number ___ on the wait list. What happens now?

Altura Prep staff will contact you if a seat becomes available.


I already have one child attending, what happens for my younger child(ren)?

Siblings of current Altura Prep students are given a priority in the lottery for their grade level. This does not necessarily guarantee admission, but it means that students are placed at the top of the lottery list, before non-siblings.


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