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3 girls enjoy recess.
Altura Prep is modeled after some of the best practices of high-performing public schools  (both charter and district) across the United States.  These schools have nationally recognized track records of academic success and have proven, time and time again, that students of all backgrounds can be successful in competitive high schools, colleges, and universities. We’ve added our New Mexico flavor and will continue to incorporate relevant and rigorous components to ensure that all of our students are both academically and personally prepared for lives full of opportunity. Our school values spell R.E.A.C.H – and this is what we expect all Altura Prep adults and students to do – reach for goals, opportunities, and to be our best selves.

Core Beliefs

Eight core beliefs guide everything we do at Altura Prep. When we hire teachers, when we plan activities, when we talk with families, when we work with outside-of-school partners, we consistently stick to these eight beliefs to ensure that we are truly meeting the needs of each of our students and families.