Equity Council

The Altura Preparatory School Equity Council is a group of at least 8 members who serve to support equity and culturally responsive practice at the school.
Process for Membership:
The council was formed on a volunteer basis as well as by request of the Head Administrators. 
Anyone interested in becoming a member of the Equity Council is invited to submit their information via the link below. 
The Equity Council includes individuals representing the specific groups described in the Yazzie/Martinez vs. the State of New Mexico lawsuit.  (Special education,  Native American students, English Language Learners, and economically disadvantaged). Co-Director Meaghan Hindman serves as the council's liaison to the New Mexico Public Education Department.
The Equity Council meets regularly. The next meeting of the council is scheduled for March 17, 2020 at 3:00pm at Altura Preparatory School. 
Join the Equity Council 

Meaghan Hindman 

Lissa Hines 

Melissa Price 

Cynthia Hernandez

Diana Medina

Kat Elwell

Pam Scanlon 

Jackie Cusimano