School will be closed for the remainder of the year. Continuous (Distance) Learning starts April 6th. APS will be serving meals at 89 sites city wide, and Presbyterian Health has free meal sites as well. Please click the news alerts below for more information.

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Message from the Directors

Welcome to Altura Prep!
Altura Preparatory School is an elementary charter school located in Northeast Albuquerque, serving students from across Albuquerque in an inclusive, equitable, excellent environment.  Altura Preparatory School opened in August of 2018 with grades Kindergarten - 2nd, and will add a grade level each year until we reach all grade levels, Kindergarten - 5th. 
Lissa Hines and Meaghan Hindman, founders and Co-Directors, envisioned Altura Prep to be a place where children thrive, learn to love learning, and pursue their own personal excellence every day. The entire Altura Prep staff is committed to providing an engaging, rigorous and fun environment where all children, regardless of background, can succeed. 
As a team, we go the extra mile to ensure that each student we serve is prepared with the academic skills and personal character to succeed in middle school, high school and post-secondary pursuits. 

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Mission Statement

Altura Preparatory School will prepare students from all backgrounds with the academic skills and personal character to become agents for change, ready to reach high levels of success in middle school, high school, and post-secondary pursuits.
We envision a world where students leave school as innovative problem solvers, engaged citizens, and empathetic individuals. At Altura Prep, we make this vision a reality daily.