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Home Learning Schedules

Families, learning at home is tough! We know this, and hope that you'll give yourselves some grace as we all navigate figuring out a "new normal" for the rest of this school year.
Prepsters (and others) are used to having a regular schedule at school. As much as you can, create and stick to a schedule at home. Click the visuals for your own schedule templates, or to see the larger schedules. 
Daily Schedule Sample 1
The below schedule was designed to fit with Altura Prep's Continuous/Distance Learning model. Click the image below to see a sample schedule for K-1 and 2-3, with resources for different times of the day. 
Sample Schedule 2
There are many ways to schedule your day, these are simply ideas for you to use as you need to help make day-to-day life slightly easier to manage. Please talk with your child's teacher if you would like additional support with creating a helpful routine for your Prepster and your family.