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Distance Learning Overview

Launching April 6: Distance Learning
Altura Preparatory School Distance Learning begins April 6. 

Continuous Learning Philosophy

Altura Prep believes that learning takes place in many ways. To support all of our students on their paths toward becoming successful academically and personally, Altura Prep students continue to develop the habits and mindsets of lifelong learners even through the closure of our school building.  

  • Less is more: we focus on key content and skills in a way that our students and families are able to meaningfully practice.
  • Connection is crucial: each child has a staff member mentor, someone to check in with regularly. 
  • ALL students are included: equity is at the forefront of all decisions, during this time, and always.
  • Consistency matters: we communicate as a team and we utilize as many of our ongoing systems and routines as possible for continuity’s sake.
  • Grace and flexibility allow us to ensure we do well: we extend grace to our families who navigate “School at Home” for the first time, to our teachers and staff who are navigating uncharted waters, to our students, who are experiencing something none of us have yet. 

Guiding Principles: 

  • Keep it simple! 
  • Families are keystone partners
  • Predictable routine & structure
  • Love of reading! 
  • Joyful struggle

Remote Learning At-A-Glance

  • Each child receives paper-based resources for home learning practice;
  • Each child has a teacher contact with whom they check in regularly;
  • Content is focused on the most important areas for the remainder of the year; 
  • Each child receives opportunities to practice online using school platforms;
  • Families receive regular communication from both teachers and school administration.

Altura Prep Continuous Learning is designed to be asynchronous (meaning, at a time that works for the family. There are not any requirements for doing a specific activity at a certain time) to support our families with nontraditional schedules or whose adults may still be required to work outside of the home.

Distance Learning Overview
 Distance Learning Menus:
Each grade level has their own Distance Learning Menu for each week. 
Click on the grade level link on the navigation menu to the right to access your child's Learning Menu for the week.